Please Help Us Strike Out ALS!

My precious husband, Jim Hilliard, has had such a rich life and accomplished career. He is an athlete and a scholar, played all four years of College Football on scholarship at The University of Texas ( Hook’em Horns ). He also graduated from The University of Texas at Galveston Medical Branch to go on to a 35 year career as an Orthopedic Surgeon. Jim is first off, a follower of Christ and the love of my life for nearly 30 years. He is an awesome Dad to our three sons and most recently a grandfather! His many loves are to read, play golf, create wonders in the kitchen and keep up with our youngest son’s professional baseball career as a up and coming Colorado Rockie. Family and friends are what he treasures most.


Just a few months before his anticipated retirement and dream of perfecting his golf game, Jim was diagnosed with ALS. Words, no one ever wants to hear and words that have now changed our lives forever. The news is devastating, but we have a strong faith and an even stronger will to fight.

Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS), also commonly known as Lou Gehrig’s Disease, is horrible. It slowly kills the body’s motor neurons, paralyzing every muscle in the body until patients lose their ability to walk, talk, eat and eventually breathe. Today, there is no cure. Life expectancy is 2-5 years.

Meet #TeamHilliard….we are now publicly sharing our story because there is a desperate need for funds to help advance research. ALS is rare and the patient base does not really grow in size. Every 90 minutes someone is diagnosed, and every 90 minutes someone loses their battle. Because of this very small subgroup, ALS does not receive a lot of funding through various other systems. Grassroots fundraising, like the Ice Bucket Challenge, is key to advancing research. The Ice Bucket Challenge was a brief but amazing event that helped lead to the approval of Radicava in May 2017. Radicava is the first ALS drug in 22 years to be approved by the FDA and has shown promise to slow the progression of the disease by 33%. Other drugs that might slow progression are also currently in pre-clinical and clinical trials.

The strategy to fight back against ALS is simple. Find ways to slow down the progression while research can continue to advance towards either halting its progress or even reverse it.

The strategy only works through funding and we would greatly appreciate your support in helping us raise funds for ALS TDI who has been an invaluable support system for us.

ALS TDI was founded in 1999 in Cambridge, Massachusetts. It is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit biotech whose sole purpose is to find a therapy or cure for ALS.

Their innovative science and cutting edge approach have resulted in:

  • The identification of a promising treatment for ALS: AT-1501
  • The largest database of preclinical drug study findings in animal models of ALS, with more potential treatments screened each year.
  • The world’s first Precision Medicine Program designed to speed up drug discovery and therapeutic development for ALS.
  • The only database integrating genetics, demographics, voice recordings, and accelerometer-derived movement data from hundreds of people with ALS.
  • The development of algorithms and tools that assess ALS clinical progression and increase the pace of ALS clinical research.
  • The overall improvement of world-wide standards of preclinical drug evaluation in ALS.
  • The highest number of independent preclinical drug validation experiments conducted in current ALS development pipelines.

Jim will be taking Radicava and we are praying that it will slow his progression down enough that when the new drug, AT-1501 is ready, Jim will be able to benefit from it! 

ALS TDI’s mantra is “ALS is not an incurable disease, it is an underfunded one.”

Help us raise funds and fight back.

Thank you so much for your support!


Click Here to Donate: www.als.net/teamhilliard